Recently the company Wix launched a competition for the SEO community in which the winner would receive a cool $50k payout for outranking the Wix platform for the keyword “SEO Hero” – It’s a great idea for a number of reasons, but unfortunately, ideas don’t realistically translate well when you’re in a corporate environment and surrounded by people who quite obviously don’t know SEO, or the industry behind it.

Though this site follows every other rule, it is NOT in the Google guidelines.. And that’s specifically why it’s ranking so well.

Wix, Your Competition Rules Isn’t Real World SEO

Like I said, the idea of the competition is great, but it’s not realistic.

In the FAQ page (and the downloadable rules PDF they released) of the competition, you’ll find a rule towards the end:

seo hero guidelines

This is essentially saying that using anything outside of the guidelines (which means you aren’t allowed to build ANY links) is breaking the rules. This, of course, puts everyone in the competition at a massive disadvantage for several reasons:

  1. Wix is an aged site with hundreds of thousands of links. You’re using a brand new domain, that you’re not allowed to build any links to.. Which means that Wix is automatically at such a ridiculous advantage it becomes almost impossible to even think of competing.
  2. Wix will pick up natural links at a way higher rate than you – Due to the promotional side of running this competition, Wix will start acquiring links from all sides of the internet. This has already been proven due to the fact that they have already (according to Ahrefs) acquired 6 different referring domains.. In a matter of days.
  3. The style of marketing Wix are doing on the competition means they’re going to be receiving a lot higher click through rate on their #1 position site for the next few weeks – Leading Google’s algo to believe it’s the authority in that niche.. Days (if not weeks) before anyone has managed to get a relatively decent page even indexed in the SERPs.
  4. The chosen keyword was TINY before. Before this competition ever went live, the chosen keyword barely had 10 monthly searches globally.. This leads the wave of new searches, higher MS and new sites flooding the market to trigger Google’s viral algo into associating the keyword with your brand.. Further destabilizing any competition.

Now, I’m not saying you should allow us to use aged sites, authority pages or break the Google guidelines.. but what I am saying, is you should follow your own god damn rules.

Use a new domain, use the Wix CMS, don’t build links.. Otherwise, you aren’t really having anywhere near a fair competition, because you have so many clear advantages it’s completely bias. That’s exactly why I built this site, because I’m not going to follow your Google guidelines, and I’m going to show you what the real SEO heroes do in the SERPs.

Black Hat Isn’t Dead

Despite what the Google war propaganda machine and the bearded┬ámustached white wizards of SEO may have you believe, black hat SEO is far from dead.. In fact, it’s bigger and more thriving than ever.

I know more SEOs making money now, than I ever have before and I’m not talking about your Moz inhouse agency 9 to 5ers, they aren’t the players to listen to in SEO at all – I’m not bashing you if you work there, but that shouldn’t be your life goal.. $60k/year isn’t a great income at all in comparison to SEOs I know that do 3x that per month with a PBN and a few affiliate sites.

The SEO Hero Case Study

Ok, let’s get into exactly how I went about ranking this site for “SEO Hero” – Considering I’m competing vs about 1,000+ other SEOs. It’ll be interesting to see how many of those try and manipulate the rules, and see if Wix (and the really random guy they’ve selected, who isn’t known and has one of the worst agency sites I’ve ever seen) can actually find any black hat manipulation.

Why Wix Sucks For SEO

Guess what? Wix is full of sh*t! There CMS isn’t built for SEO, it’s low written content, high animation/image use and a complete lack of overall SEO ability out the box. Speaking of out of the box.. Even if you use one of the (very few) “apps” (aka plugins) that they have in there marketplace.. They’re so bloated, under developed and under updated that you’ll likely harm your rankings more than help them – The #1 SEO app in the Wix marketplace isn’t even for improving the SEO on your site, it’s a rank tracker that you pay a serious premium for just to get freakin’ email notifications.

1 – Wix Inner Pages Suck.

Wix may be good for one page sites, but when you start going into inner pages it starts displaying weird ass unoptimized URLs that could be well optimized for the pages target keywords.

For extra added value, every page I created had a canonical back to the homepage.. So even if I managed to actually optimize my URL and page, it’d never rank anyway.

2 – Ajax Crawling Works, But It Still Sucks.

Wix serves dynamic content sites, normally they’d be loaded via javascript which is unreadable to search engines and the worst possible way to build your site for SEO purposes. To get around this, they use Ajax Crawling which allows Google to see a version of the site that is different to what the user sees (as the user will be seeing some nicely designed animations) so that Google can read the text version of the site properly.

Yes, this does work, but it’s not exactly SEO/Google friendly.. It still leaves room for doubt in what the user is seeing in Google’s eyes and isn’t actually recommended for sites by Google – Even though Wix is saying quite the opposite.

Thanks For Reading

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, case study and rant mashed up into one.. If you’d like to see more of my musings, and follow a true SEO Hero (just wanted to get it in the page 1 more time to help with that keyword density) then you can check out my blog:


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